The Future Tradie Report is Australia’s first foresight report shining a light on emerging residential trade small businesses. It unpacks their behaviours, beliefs and what they need to succeed.






Businesses need credible insight to guide decision-making.

Every day, we work with businesses who exist to make tradies’ lives better. However, across multiple projects we were encountering the same challenge.

A new generation of trades small business leaders was thinking differently. Their approach to service—from supplier brands, and to their own customers—was different.

To help our clients understand this audience (who will be their customer of the future), we decided to undertake Australia’s biggest research study into the next generation of residential tradies.


Australia’s biggest insight report about the next generation of trades.

We created the Future Tradie Report brand, and carried out a national study into what’s driving Australia’s successful emerging trades leaders, for the next 5 years.

Then, we put the findings—including real video and audio gathered from tradespeople leading the way—into a downloadable report and a digital experience.

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The power of partnership.

Trout worked together with Next, our innovation partner, to design a research methodology, which included interviewing small business trailblazers and industry experts.


Supported by national suppliers.

We carried out a national survey to validate our interview data. Over 1,000 tradespeople responded, thanks to the help of corporate partners Reece, Dulux, Middy’s, HazardCo, Bluescope, CSR and Buildxact.


A confident brand that builds trust with future thinkers.

Trout’s brand designers created a bold and confident brand, necessary to win the trust of tradespeople taking part and businesses backing the report.

The brand system has breadth to stretch across the resulting Future Tradie Report’s five themes and four mindsets.

A suite of icons, graphic devices and colour-coding creates wayfinding systems that align across the digital experience and the downloadable report.

The result is an informative experience that is easy to navigate, putting tradespeople’s voices and real data at the forefront.


An audio, video and data-rich website,
to tell the full story.

Along the way, we collected hours of interview audio, video footage and deep data. Pulling from these archives, we crafted a digital experience that’s both informed and authentic.

Visitors can go as deep into the report findings as they like, listening to audio clips, watching trades talk about their priorities, or scanning data visuals to get a feel for each theme.

Profiles of our interviewees are accompanied by snippets of their input, giving unfiltered insight into future opportunities.

“Trout brings deep insight into the trades. They have real strategic and creative nous for building brands and bringing them to life.”

“The Future Tradie Report gives clients like Reece access to fresh thinking, so we can stay on top of our game.”

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Jeremy Crow
Group Innovation Director

Report Authors

Clare Acheson
Strategy Lead – Engagement
Olivia Ellis
Senior Innovation Designer (Next)


Flynn Wheeler
Senior Innovation Designer (Next)
Joshua Braines-Mead
Digital Designer
Nigel Ling
Senior Designer
Martin Pribble
Senior Motion Designer
Will McKenzie
Senior Designer
Vlad Stanojevic
Finished Artist

research team

Clare Acheson
Strategy Lead – Engagement
Olivia Ellis
Senior Innovation Designer (Next)
Brook Smith
Innovation Lead (Next)
Callum Jones
Innovation Analyst (Next)

digital team

Danelle Barugh
Senior Digital Project Manager
Lily Keating
Delivery Lead - Digital
Suvi Thammasarn
Technical Lead
Will Robertson
Junior Developer

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