2.5 billion people live without clean water. So we were stoked to help Reece Group create the Reece Foundation, a charity that partners with organisations and tradies to fund and initiate projects to provide clean water and sanitation for communities in need, at home and abroad. We were tasked with developing a brand for the Foundation that connected with tradies and encouraged them to get onboard.






Tradies don’t think they’re special.

Convincing enough tradies to volunteer their time was crucial for the Foundation to succeed. However research showed that while trades wanted to help, many were held back by the perception that you need to be someone ‘special’ to influence cultural change.

Turns out, they are special

And they don’t even realise it. Their day to day job is all about providing a vitally important service - clean water and sanitation - to their local community. And research showed many were keen to do more to help, so we just needed to be remind them that they’re well equiped to help.


You’re fully qualified to make a difference

We created a brand and integrated campaign reminding tradies that the skills they use day in and day out can improve the lives of those that need it most, and that the Reece Foundation is here to empower them to do so.


We created a brand that’s connected to Reece, but still felt different to the main Reece brand tradies see every day.

It needed to feel like a charity, without being tokenistic or cliché. The Reece Foundation is meaningful, and that needed to come through.

A tall image consisting of several smaller images stacked vertically. Included in the shots is Alan the plumber, a remote community in Ethiopia, and the colour palette and iconography for the Reece Foundation brand.


We found some terrific tradies who were using their skills to make a difference to communities in need. We built messaging around these stories as proof to our audience that they too had the skills to do the same.

A closeup shot of Lyle the plumber, arms crossed in front of the Reece Foundation worksite.

meet lyle

The energetic landscaping legend who helped build Irrigation systems for farmers in Northern Uganda.
A closeup shot of Alan the plumber, arms crossed in front of the Reece Foundation worksite.

meet allan

The human swiss army knife who smashed out water filtering infrastructure in Ethiopia.


We designed and developed a custom Reece Foundation website tailored to our audience.

The website was designed to make it easy for tradies and potential partners to apply, research, donate or purchase merch as well as view more content.

By integrating custom Salesforce forms we leveraged the sophisticated backend configured just for the Foundation without impacting the overall UX.

A partnership with Raisley enabled us to accept donations through their system which gaave us real-time analytics around donations and linked through to our Zinc merch store, meaning we could bring our products to market quickly and supplement our donations with merch sales.

A screenshot of the Reece Foundation website on a tablet. The hero message reads 'Working with tradies to create a better world'.
A screenshot of a case study on the Reece Foundation website. The case study describes water connections for a remote school in Ethiopia.
A screenshot of the mission page on the Reece Foundation website highlighting ways to volunteer and provide donations.
A screenshot of a testimonial on the Reece Foundation website. The quote reads 'The incredible by-product of the project is the sense of hope to come out of it'.
A screenshot of the menu on the Reece Foundation website highlighting the various pages of the website.

“From the fantastic creative, the digital experience, the branch packs, to the numerous ways we have needed to support the network, it has been a fantastic example of how when teams collaborate, are agile and flexible and keep the focussed goal in mind - magic happens.”

The logo for Reece featuring the company name inside of a shield.

Lizzy Geremia
Chief Communications Officer
Reece Group


So far the Foundation has committed $130,000 in Grants across the world, and created 23 life-changing volunteering opportunities for customers.

people gained access to clean drinking water.

70 households

impacted by disaster in Lismore have had Access to clean water & sanitation restored.


Lily Keating
Senior Project Manager
Tim Laidlaw
Brand Partner


Ashley Veal
Tech Lead


Gavin Pitcher
Executive Creative Director
Ben Greer
Design Director
Henrik Pagh
Digital Design Lead
Kyle Tickell
Senior Copywriter
Vlad Stanojevic
Finished Artist


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