Renowned for its premium wool bedding products, MiniJumbuk is a much-loved Australian icon. Having enjoyed considerable success, MiniJumbuk found its unique style being copied by competitors on retail shelves and online. To combat this, the South Australian business needed a new approach. One that couldn’t be copied, and that connected deeply with customers on an emotional level.



An Australian farm, windmill, and water tower. The early morning sun casts light over the fields.


The pandemic placed a new emphasis on the home as a sanctuary and elevated the importance of self care

Consumers were simultaneously seeking locally made and more socially-conscious purchasing decisions. MiniJumbuk’s new quilt positioning would perfectly align with these powerful new market trends.

Various sheep walking across a grassy field on an Australian farm.
An Australian farmer from behind, glancing over his shoulder.
A farmer holding a large bundle of wool, freshly sheared from a farm sheep.
An animation going between shots of Australian farmers, the limestone coast, and sheep. Between each shot are the words 'Partnering with local farmers', 'In the heart of the Limestone Coast', and 'Happy sheep, heatly sleep'.


Australian inside and out. A unique story about the finest wool in the world

Trout crafted a new promise for the brand ‘Happy sheep. Healthy sleep’. This promise would inspire every aspect of the new quilt range.


Vividly telling our origin story

As one of the only wool bedding manufacturers still owned and operated in Australia, MiniJumbuk’s products are testament to its unique surroundings - the beautiful Limestone Coast region of South Australia.

The brand elements for MiniJumbuk, featuring typography and colours for the five product ranges: super cool, cool, everyday, warm, and thermal.


Bring the tranquility of the Limestone Coast to the retail experience

Minijumbuk brings a moment of peace to busy store shelves. Packaging wrapped in imagery of the coastline, green fields and rolling waves combine to form a billboard that showcases the location and tells the origin story of the brand.

A stacked collection of MiniJumbuk boxes on an Australian farm. The entire product range is shown.
A collection of MiniJumbuk boxes strewn out in a line in front of a tin shed.
Two MiniJumbuk boxes stacked on top of each other, next to a quilt folded over a wooden ladder.


Connecting customers with the farmers behind their bedding.

Customers who want to go deeper are rewarded with rich storytelling. Each box displays a QR code that links to a short film showcasing the local farmers who produce the high quality wools of the region.

These short films are also available on Minijumbuk’s digital channels, where customers can find out more about the heritage of each product.


“We have a long standing relationship with Trout, because working with their strategists and creatives enables us to see new applications of our quilting technologies. This means we are always ahead of the curve and can seize business opportunities before our competitors.”

James Wade
Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager


Wool bedding backed by nature’s spectacle and beauty

unique product stories.


campaign video views.


Keegan D’Mello
Group Brand Partner


Anthony Bologna
Creative Director
Sam Ingles
Senior Designer
Hamish Robertson
Senior Copywriter

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