Designing a new bathroom can be a little scary. Reece wanted to take some of the guesswork out of the process by making it as simple and rewarding as possible. The solution was to provide customers with easy-to-use creative tools to help them achieve a final look with confidence. Trout helped Reece make this vision a reality.





The fear of the reno is real!

For many homeowners, tackling a renovation project is an exciting time. It’s a chance to turn dreams into reality. But for others, the process can be overwhelming - complicated by a huge number of individual decisions.

Customer research undertaken by Reece confirmed this. More than a third of bathroom renovators identified their biggest pain point as not being able to visualize the end-result. This insight became a catalyst for the development of a simple to use 3D planning tool.

The requirements for the new Reece 3D planner were simple.

  • Remove technology as a barrier to creative expression.
  • Empower customers by walking them through key design decisions and allowing them to experiment with their ideas.
  • Act as a catalyst for commissioning work - giving the customer confidence in a final design they could move forward with.


A bathroom better than you imagined

The launch of the new 3D planner places the bathroom visualisation process in the hands of renovators. The tool allows you to explore many exciting possibilities to land on the bathroom style that you’ve always dreamed of- the brand name and brand identity needed to reflect that.

Three abstract renders are shown with the words 'Visualise', 'Explore', and 'Simplify' written in front of them. The final part of the image shows a Reece & Imagin3D cobranding lockup.


Picture perfect bathroom design

The essence of the solution was to make 3D architectural design easy for all users. We focused on simplicity, and intuitive functions like drag and drop, real product selections and seeing the bathroom rendered in real-time on any desktop or mobile device.

Simple, accessible and beautiful

Adapting 3D rendering technology similar to that used in modern game development, the planner would be accessible for a wide range of user types - from Reece showroom consultants through to builders, designers and architects. Importantly, the choice of technology allows for new features to be planned, developed, tested and released to users in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

Following launch, the tool would be continuously improved based on insights from real users allowing the product to evolve with the needs of customers.

Three Thoughtworks team members are working in front of a computer. On the computer is the Imagin3D tool.


Double the vision

For a tech project of this scale, we teamed up with a global technology powerhouse. A team with deep expertise in the field. Thoughtworks were the solution. They were the perfect partner to help us tackle the heavy-duty tech, 3D software expertise and customer testing principles the project demanded.


The launch of the Imagin3D brand was supported with a major promotional campaign across mainstream and digital channels. A TVC targeting home renovators was produced for placement during ‘The Block 2022’. The core message being that Imagin3D helps you solve 99% of the difficult decisions when undertaking a bathroom renovation.

Various angled iPhones are strewn across the screen, each one showing a different Instagram story for Imagin3D.
An open brochure, with an Imagin3D advertisement on the page. On the page is an iPad showing Imagin3D.
A countertop from a Reece Bathrooms store. Printed on the countertop is an advert for Imagin3D.
Reece tapped in to its network of partners to promote the availability and benefits of the free tool.

In the first phase of the launch Reece partnered with Three Birds Renovations, who have been inspiring and empowering women, around the world, to turn their renovating dreams in to reality. In addition, influencers including Walt Collins and Shaynna Blaze highlighted how easy it was to use the tool to realise a bathroom renovation; creating bespoke content for their and Reece's channels.


“From the inception of Imagin3D to its launch as part of The Block, working together with Trout allowed us to push ideas further, to deliver a game-changing customer experience for renovators.”

The logo for the Reece Group.

Kelly Topp
Customer Lead, Consumer
The Reece Group


In the first 6 months we had:

visits (360% increase YoY).


new plans created.


new customer leads.


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