Over the years, Reece’s Footy Tipping competition has been a major marketing exercise in their calendar. It's a popular way for branch staff to deepen their relationship with trade customers, attract new ones, and is a major activation of brand sponsorships, crossing three footy codes across the country.





Footy lost its mojo during COVID

For many sports fans, COVID made it incredibly difficult to satisfy their love of sport. Reece’s new and improved Footy Tipping was the solution to help re-ignite their passion. It was easier to use, had more prizes and signup was now free.


The program virtually ground to a halt in 2020

Coming out the other side of the pandemic two years later, our job was to reboot the program for 2022 and re-engage the footy loving customers. Firstly we identified the key pain points of the previous season.


Every sports team needs a motivating coach

So we created one for our team of dormant Footy Tippers. Somebody that loves the game and to be the perfect vehicle to tell fans about the new Footy Tipping program. We engaged comedian Adam Knox, who perfectly encapsulated the character and humour we wanted. Working closely with him, we fleshed out the Coach Robbo character.


Creating an identity for Reece and coach Robbo

Our overall approach was to develop a sporty feel to the design, as well as strip away any complicated jargon to keep it light and fun. Graphics were straight out of the coaches playbook, with arrows, numbers and symbols embellishing and highlighting key messaging.

We also referenced the gamified looking graphics of other sports based websites. Photography took some planning as it had to stay relevant throughout the season and needed to capture the vibe of all three sporting codes.


The campaign was divided into two main parts, each with their own objectives.


Drive awareness and registration

We created a range of content across multiple platforms featuring Coach Robbo highlighting all the new features of the program.



Maintain excitement and avoid churn

We broadened our approach by enlisting key trade partners like Milwaukee Tools to provide prizes. We then developed a whole suite of content designed to drive deeper engagement, such as a trick shot competition.

Keeping up the momentum

Engagement with the campaign was rewarded across the season via monthly prizes delivered through key partnerships.

“Trout’s understanding of what would bring a smile to tradespeople’s faces, whether they followed sport or not, resulted in our footy tipping competition having 5x the number of participants compared to previous years. A huge result driven by creative that cut through the noise.”

Nat Momsen
General Manager / Leader — Reece Marketing
The Reece Group


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Engagement Strategy Lead
Antoinette Marshall
Media & Partnerships Lead
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Digital Project Manager
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Brand Partner


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Executive Creative Director
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Senior Designer
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Senior Copywriter
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Senior Motion Designer
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Digital Designer
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Finished Artist

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