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who we are

Our focus gives your brand a head start. Our creativity makes it iconic.

Trout Creative Thinking is Australia’s only creative agency specialised in building ‘living brands’—brands that appeal to tradespeople, builders, specifiers, architects, designers and homemakers.

For over 25 years, we’ve been focused on this industry. We base everything we do on this goldmine of deep insight, which puts our client partners ahead of the game.

Our signature blend of creativity, strategic decision-making and hands-on execution means we deliver real results.

what we do

Merging more minds for more possibilities.

We think of our cross-functional team as co-authors in crafting your brand story, seeing every project as an opportunity to build on your brand’s DNA across brand, campaigns and experiences.

Whether it’s at the starting line or searching for a new way in, we leverage its purpose, vision and values to create work that works, wherever it needs to live. This approach to brand, marketing and communications, puts you in constant conversation with your audience.

how we do it

We work in your business, not on your business.

Our proven approach to creating iconic brands sees us develop ideas from the inside-out. Our team become your team - obsessed with what you do - so that we understand your business’s motivations and challenges from every possible angle.

Being a true and honest partner leads us to unique work, happier people, smarter decision-making and success beyond marketing and financial goals.

Big fish, little fish
Effie Demetrios
Strategy Lead - Brand
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Anthony Bologna
Creative Director - Experience
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Emily Pockley
General Manager
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Gavin Pitcher
Executive Creative Director
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Carlo Tarquinio
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor
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When you shake hands with us, you shake hands with the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), a triple threat of research, creativity and ventures.

The Next team collaborating in front of a laptop and whiteboards, with the Next logo over the top.

Next innovates today with the people building tomorrow. As the innovation consultancy that services the Reece group and other clients, Next runs deep insight projects with tradespeople and trade-adjacent businesses, to look for opportunities to improve how they work. Rapid experiments allow Next to test new products and services, helping established businesses to test, learn and adopt disruptive approaches.

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Superseed Ventures is a venture capital fund and venture studio focused on investing, scaling and building trade tech startups. Superseed backs the businesses that are transforming the way tradies work and live by focussing on four pillars: Smart trade business management technology, financial solutions, construction technology, and career and wellness.

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The Superseed team moving through the Trout office, with a meeting happening in the background. The Superseed logo is over the top.
The bottom floor of The Works office for The Reece Group, with people moving around. The Reece Group logo is over the top.

The Reece Group is one of the world’s leading distributors of plumbing, waterworks and HVAC-R products, servicing commercial and residential customers across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. As part of the Reece Group’s family of businesses, Trout helps Reece to support its customers, who provide essential services every day.

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Creating for change

Our work extends into topics that matter, because we believe in the power of creativity to influence change. Each year, we take on several pro bono projects that drive positive impact, for causes, charities and communities that matter.

A group of young people huddled together smiling at the camera. The Reach logo is over the top.

Reach supports young people to create a sense of social belonging, have breakthrough conversations and build emotional resilience, so that they can shape their own lives. Trout works together with Reach to translate their transformative workshops into fundraising campaigns that both raise money and spread the impact of their incredibly valuable work.

The logo for Reece Pride, featuring the words 'Reece Ally' surrounded by a circle of colours themed around the LGBTIQA+ flags.

Trout collaborates with Reece Pride, the Reece Group’s LGBTIQA+ group to support diversity and inclusion activities, internally and within the group’s Australian store networks.

A purple poster for the 20th Annual Enchanted Ball, designed for by Trout.

For 20 years, Trout has been the creative partner of the Enchanted Ball, one of the premier events on the Australian financial services community calendar, that raises over $1million for vital research to improve the health, welfare, and wellbeing of Australia’s children every year.