Swedish premium home appliance brand ASKO needed to deepen the love between Australian home cooks and entertainers, and their ASKO 5-in-1 steam ovens.




A modern kitchen with a granite tabletop and sophisticated furniture. On the kitchen walls are ASKO Steam Ovens.


Steam ovens sell, but people often don’t use the steam feature

ASKO sells thousands of steam ovens in Australia every year. However homeowners are often unsure of how to use them to their full potential, and so often skip the feature. Homecooks needed education and meal ideas to show them how easy it is to use the power of steam to amplify their own culinary skills, no matter what level they are.


Give customers the confidence and inspiration to cook with steam

Our brief was to make it easy, educational and with a focus on families, home entertainers & passionate home cooks. Our overarching goal was to dial up the possibilities.

An animation of the ASKO logo turning into a plus, which then expands to read 'Steam + You'.


Introducing Steam+You: Everyday cooking magic

The power of steam cooking is only understood when people combine it with their own recipes, dietary requirements and finishing touches. Steam+You showed audiences how they can use their steam oven to make cooking their favourite dishes healthier, easier and more rewarding.

The Steam+You campaign platform emphasises how cooking with steam leads to a more fulfilling at-home experience, whether you are a kitchen novice or a culinary pro.



First, we identified three main audiences: Passionate Home Cooks, Entertainers, and Families

We then engaged ASKO’s in-house chefs to create popular recipes for each of these segments using everyday ingredients, to highlight how steam is the healthier, faster way to cook.


Home cooks were brought together via three virtual events, hosted by MasterChef alumni Alice Zaslavsky in the ASKO HQ kitchen. We utilised the existing customer email database and leveraged the targeting capabilities on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to encourage users to sign up to the live stream events through Eventbrite.

These sessions were also broadcast through social channels, and lived as evergreen content on the website. As a home for all things steam, new and existing oven users could revisit video demos and recap on the recipes they missed, and learn more about the features of ASKO’s steam oven range.

A screenshot of the ASKO Steam website, containing various product features, celebrity cookalongs and recipes.


A celebration of steam

A serving platter of sliders that have been cooked with steam.
A serving platter of roast chicken, vegetables, and gravy that have been cooked with steam.
A grilled cheese, ham, and tomato sandwich that has been cooked with steam.
A chocolate lava cake that has been cooked with steam.
A fresh loaf of board sliced open, that has been cooked with steam.
A beetroot and goat's cheese tart that has been cooked with steam.
Prawn and pork dumplings in a broth that has been cooked with steam.
A serving platter of pizza scrolls that have been cooked with steam.

“The Trout team really understood ASKO’s Scandinavian heritage, and helped turn these roots into a relevant message for the Australian market.

A deep understanding of what it takes to inspire home cooks, combined with engaging creative delivered by talent our customers wanted to hear from, made this a success.”

The ASKO logo written in red font.

Owen Holbourn
Sales & Marketing Director
ASKO Australia


Owners want more from their ASKO products and have a deeper understanding of how Scandinavian innovation can lead to mouth-watering home-cooked Australian dishes


2+ mins

average time spent on page learning about steam cooking.

1 in 2

oven owners wanted more information on steam cooking.


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Performance Marketing Lead
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