La Marzocco Home

Bringing coffee
culture into homes

Bringing coffee
culture into homes




Premium hand-crafted Italian coffee machinery brand La Marzocco is a mainstay in cafes around the world. To launch its home brand in Australia, the team wanted to elevate the coffee culture inside the home. This shaped a strategy that was led by the lives of real people, connecting daily coffee rituals to products, services and storytelling.




Two La Marzocco ambassadors sit at a table having breakfast. One of them, a woman, smiles whilst sipping a cup of coffee.
The back of a man carrying a surfboard, walking around towards a beach in the distance.
An over-the-shoulder perspective of a barista pouring steamed milk into a mug, creating latte art. A La Marzocco coffee machine is seen in the background.


Coffee is more than a morning beverage

Australians aren’t all coffee afficionados, but we do enjoy the ritual of coffee as a mark of quality, passion and life-enriching connection. We spoke with over 500 coffee drinkers, to dig deep into when, why and how coffee shows up at home.


Our goal: To position La Marzocco Home’s premium coffee machinery as the ultimate solution for coffee at home, without eroding the role of the cafe.

An animation which cycles between the various colours available for the La Marzocco Mini machine: yellow, red, blue, white, grey, and black.
Outlines of two La Marzocco coffee machines printed against an orange background. Over the top reads 'Bringing coffee culture home'.


Leaning into La Marzocco’s connection with Australian cafes and coffee roasters (you will see one of their commercial machines in every notable coffee destination), we positioned the Home brand as the solution to bringing the warmth, ambition and quality synonymous with cafes, into homes everywhere.


Your one-stop shop for home coffee excellence

Together, we developed new product tiers, coffee subscriptions and experiences from trailblazing coffee roasters — as well as tutorials, a servicing network and online consultancy service — to give coffee lovers everything they needed from one destination.

A closed pamphlet for La Marzocco Home. On the cover is a picture of a homeowner using the La Marzocco Mini with the words 'United by passion' printed around her.
An open pamplet for La Marzocco Home. The pages interview and show Ana, one of La Marzocco's ambassadors.
An open pamplet for La Marzocco Home. The pages interview and show Chris, one of La Marzocco's ambassadors.
Information about Chris, one of La Marzocco's ambassadors. The information dictates his occupation, his morning routine, and his choice of coffee machine.


Unique stories bring modern coffee culture to life

The United By Passion content series celebrates the passions and routines of Australia’s most discerning coffee drinkers, in a series of five video and written profiles shared online, via paid media and as a printed journal.

Information about Dee, one of La Marzocco's ambassadors. The information dictates her occupation, her morning routine, and her choice of coffee machine.
An open pamplet for La Marzocco Home. The pages interview and show Dee, one of La Marzocco's ambassadors.


A digital experience designed for a new coffee normal

In 2020, cafe culture changed overnight. A streamlined digital experience introduced coffee lovers to La Marzocco Home’s Linea Mini coffee machine — the world’s original espresso technology designed for a world where your new favourite cafe is your kitchen.

Various screenshots of the La Marzocco Home website, showcasing the products and supporting information in mobile and desktop forms.


Building momentum through partners & personalities

Lifestyle food icons and taste-making publications tell our story. Partnerships with acclaimed personalities Shane Delia, Alice Zaslavsky and Sarah Todd, and placements in Gourmet Traveller, make La Marzocco Home a staple of any Australian kitchen.

“Working together with Trout gave us the strategic firepower and a deeper understanding of our customers that we needed to supercharge our business."

"Their partnered approach meant we benefited from their team to own the competitive luxury home coffee machine category, at a vital time.”

The La Marzocco logo, featuring a lion in front of a globe.

Andy Di Donato
Brand Director
La Marzocco Australia


Real business impact and deeper coffee experiences

above target sales per unit.


increase in ecommerce sales.

450 hrs

of virtual training delivered via video.


Clare Acheson
Engagement Strategy Lead
Lily Keating
Senior Project Manager
Giulia Tan
Group Brand Partner


Adrian Beyerle
Full Stack Developer


Joshua Braines-Mead
Digital Designer

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