Laddr is a financial services provider that deeply understands tradies and the challenges they can face. It provides products specifically designed to help them stress less about money and run their business better.





Big Banks don’t get it.

A tradie’s business doesn’t really work like most others. And the unique challenges they face, such as inconsistent cashflow, are often not understood or serviced by the traditional financial institutions. The result is tradie business owners feeling undervalued and underserviced. However, it also created the perfect opportunity to for someone with deep industry knowledge to come in with a solution that does work for tradies.

An over-the-shoulder shot of a tradesman writing into a log book.


Create a financial brand that clearly reflects its deep understanding of the trades industry.

A plumber walking away from the camera with a pipe over his shoulder.
A plumber on his phone, leaning against a ute.


The opposite of bank. This pretty much sums up our approach – be what the banks aren’t.

This pretty much sums up our approach – be what the banks aren’t. Starting with the name, we wanted it to be short, sharp and sound relevant to the industry. We settled on Laddr as it is relevant to the tradie world and reflects the notion of rising to success.

The banking category is filled with very corporate colours such as blue and red. So we chose a vibrant green to further set Laddr apart, and is a nod to the hi-viz world our customers live in.

From here the design was finessed, guided by the themes of clarity, simplicity and strength.


Standing out in market – and on-site.

Laddr's brand identity is matesy and enthusiastic, while also being supportive and caring. The Laddr logotype conveys a sense of solidarity and strength, literally portrayed through the extending ascenders. The primary brand colour is an earthy, hard-wearing green that is at home on the worksite. Fluro accents are used to add vibrancy and contrast to the digital-only brand. The brand's photography is down-to-earth and candid, showcasing the action and authenticity of the tradie world.

A tall image containing elements of the Laddr brands including colours, iconography, and imagery.
An open brochure for Laddr advertising its offerings and services.


We developed a launch campaign for the Reece network that touched on common pain points for tradies, using playful language that drew interest.

A printed countercard advertising Laddr.
A printed stack of countercards on the bench of a Reece trade counter.
An animation for cashflow support moving between various key information points for the service.
Three phones side-by-side containing information on Laddr's cashflow support.


Ensuring best practice user experience for a no frills tradie target audience.

The website design started with a mobile-first experience in mind. We developed user-friendly and intuitive navigation, with custom iconography that tradies can instantly identify with. Useful and to-the-point content clearly communicates the Laddr service offering and benefits. We kept the user interface simple and obvious, and used consistent, easy-to-scan sections with clear call-to-actions.

A screenshot of the Laddr website homepage.

“Trout developed a nimble brand from scratch, then road-tested it with a real trade audience so that we had qualified assurance it was right for our financial services.

This approach made sure that everything—from naming to our communications approach—delivered value the moment it went live.”

The Laddr logo written in bright lime green.

John Moore
Laddr Finance


Effie Demetrios
Brand Strategy Lead
Clare Acheson
Engagement Strategy Lead
Giulia Tan
Group Brand Partner
Tim Laidlaw
Brand Partner
Luke Parker
Product Manager


Tony Sun
Tech Lead
Adrian Beyerle
Full Stack Developer
Esmat Amirahmadi
Junior Web Developer


Gavin Pitcher
Executive Creative Director
Henrik Pagh
Digital Design Lead
William McKenzie
Senior Designer
Martin Pribble
Senior Motion Designer
Joshua Braines-Mead
Digital Designer
Will Robertson
Jessica Coates
Junior Graphic Designer

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