The Talisman Group are purveyors of exceptional hospitality experiences, creating venues with a unique and contagious energy. We were tasked with branding two new venues; the Italian restaurant Sasso, and Casa Chow, a Chinese Latin fusion restaurant, being built in Brisbane’s new South City Square; a vibrant new residential, retail, and commercial development.





Create destinations so exquisite that the communities build an emotional connection to them from day one.

Enhancing the experience of the people living and working in a new development is a key to its success. So we set out to create authentic food and beverage experiences that transcend the space they inhabit to become mangentic destinations for the entire city.

The logo for 'SASSO' written in a subtle red font.


Sasso is an Italian restuarant offering a fresh and exciting new take on the traditional italian table, where the food is delicioius and more is more. The brand needed to reflect this.


Starting with the sense of nostalgia that comes with traditional Italian food, we took the notion of ‘more is more’ to heart, magnifying the passion and energy of the Italian people, and reflect it in a contemporary way.

A man is standing in front of a woodfire pizza oven, and is reaching inside with his pizza peel to cook a pizza.
Three pink pizza boxes are stacked on top of each other. They each have the SASSO logo printed various times across them.
A pink sign for the SASSO restaurant, with the logo printed across it in red font.
Various people dressed in 70s attire are holding hands, with rainbows leading out of their heads to a chef in the clouds.
Cacio e Pepe is shown, served on a SASSO branded plate.


Think big personality, bold typography and vibrant colours blended together with a nod to tradition, which perfectly captured the dining experience.

The logo for 'Casa Chow' is shown in pink and green, stacked vertically.

Casa chow

Casa Chow is a unique and unexpected fusion of Latin American and Chinese cuisines. They wanted a brand that reflected the heritage of both cultures, and that would work across all physical and digital material effortlessly, from menus to social posts.

Various images showcasing the Chinese and Cuban inspirations for Casa Chow, including a dragon, cigars, a panda, lanterns, and classic muscle cars.
The brand colours for Casa Chow are shown in a stacked display.
The words 'Casa' and 'Chow' are repeated several times against a blue and red background.


The cuisine is fusion, but the brand needed to be a union of the two different cultures. So we focussed on shared cultural design cues such as gritty, hole in the wall food stalls and neon signs in rain-slicked alleys. We bought these together to work side by side, reflecting and elevating each other to create a bold and unique visual language.

The front and back of a business card for Casa Chow, branded in blue and pink.
A cocktail stands on top of an open menu for Casa Chow
A cocktail rests on a branded Casa Chow coaster on top of a restaurant table.


Built around a bold palette of bright colour and contrasting typography, collage-style imagery unites the collision of culture inherent in Casa Chow's cuisine. Every element evokes the restaurant experience of explosive flavour and excitement.

A screenshot of the Instagram profile for Casa Chow with various posts shown on it.
The inside of the Casa Chow restauarant, with various branded posters on the wall.

“Take some risks. Be bold. You’ve gotta be bold. There’s nobody telling us what we can or can’t do, or what we should do. We’re just doing what we need to do, the way we want to do it, and having fun.”

The logo for The Talisman Group.

Vincent Lombino
Restaurant Owner
The Talisman Group


Effie Demetrios
Brand Strategy Lead
Anthony Bologna
Creative Director - Strategic Projects
Lily Keating
Senior Project Manager
Alex Corveddu
Brand Partner


Ashley Veal
Full Stack Developer


Henrik Pagh
Digital Design Lead
Sam Ingles
Senior Designer
Ramen Vallentine
Senior Designer
Jessica Coates
Joshua Braines-Mead
Digital Designer
Azam Abdallah
Motion Designer
Vlad Stanojevic
Finished Artist

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