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A big voice.

While the perception of opera audiences may be one of stuffy old people in fur coats and tuxes, the reality today is much different. From New York to London, and right here in Melbourne, opera has been enjoying somewhat of a renaissance – attracting a younger, more adventurous audience.

At the forefront of this movement is the Victorian Opera, who continue to challenge perceptions and push boundaries with an avant garde approach to production, costume and set design. In doing so, VO is making opera as fresh and relevant today as at any time in history.

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From season 2012 to season 2017, Trout has been working closely with VO to create a clarified brand positioning that resonates with this younger demographic – one that emotionally engages individuals seeking out fresh forms of creative expression. Over this time, we’ve been able to help VO build a loyal following of fans, driving a 41% increase in subscription numbers.

Opera is very much about exciting the senses and when Trout began crafting the new visual look for VO, we set out to create vivid visual imagery that captured the intensity and attitude of each VO performance.  Every element of VO’s integrated creative communications program has been carefully designed to reflect this - from the website to print, online, outdoor, video and TV advertising.

Since 2012, illustration has formed a key element in the theming of each season’s program. Created in collaboration with the VO team, the 2016 theme is 'Different Dreams'.

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Victorian Opera