Sonsee Woman


Fashion beyond function

Sonsee Woman is an Italian-crafted hosiery and intimates brand for plus size women. In 2016, Sonsee received funding from SharkTank and negotiated relationships with major Australian fashion retailers. We worked with the start-up fashion label to elevate the brand and tell their unique story. 

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Advocates at the source

In the initial stages of the rebrand project, we engaged a cohort of prominent plus size women who are not only influential in their own social communities, but who also helped influence the creation of Sonsee purpose, message and products. This early involvement ensured we were speaking directly to our target customer, and gave us the insights needed to effectively cater to their needs.

We learned that in the plus size fashion space, fit is a struggle and trust is earned. The community is built on the close-knit niche of influencers, with relationships built entirely on this trust. We harnessed the broadcasting capabilities of these high-profile players in the industry to help us deliver the message of Sonsee’s story, of the manufacturing process, and ultimately the product fit. We are continuing to work in this space with affiliate promotions and ambassador relationships with digital influencers across Australia and overseas.

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Fashion freedom

In the Australian market, the available choice of plus size fashion is limited. Often, clothing is simply straight sizes scaled up, but Sonsee products are designed specifically for plus size bodies, made to fit their curves. As part of the rebrand, we helped Sonsee to celebrate the plus size body, carrying through the body positivity message, introducing a new, premium-look logo and visual identity, the brand message, “feel good, feel free”, and a creative suite of packaging and branding across all touchpoints.

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A premium collection

The new-look Sonsee has been elevated to a premium brand, with a premium shopping experience to match. With over 50% of traffic coming to Sonsee via mobile shopping, it was important to have a dedicated experience for this platform. User-experience testing dictated the layout and delivery of data, and with this information Trout constructed a shopping experience with simple navigation from product page to purchase. Mobile continues to be the strongest shopping platform for this brand, working alongside integrated digital marketing initiatives to drive ongoing engagement. 

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Sonsee Woman