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With a major interior renovation in the planning, the owners took the opportunity to refresh the Sarti brand and create some buzz around the new direction for the restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of the city just off little Collins Street, Sarti is not the easiest place to find, so outdoor signage formed an important part of the brief.

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The Trout design team began exploring ideas that paid homage to a classic 1950s style New York bistro theme. We eventually arrived at a new logo design based on a traditional neon sign - incorporating double lined type in red. Using this design, the logo works as easily in neon as it does on paper and online. The result is a really powerful branding mnemonic.

The red line adopted in the logo was subtly integrated into a range of communication elements as well as into the interior of the restaurant itself. Triplex business cards where produced with a red middle strip visible from the side of each card. And each dining table was powder coated to reproduce the red strip on its side. 

To announce the exciting evolution of Sarti, the Trout PR team put together a campaign targeting the hospitality and ‘foodie’ media, - with widespread coverage that included Broadsheet and The Age ‘Good Food’ section.

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