The Happiness Project

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More answers, less questions.

Spring is the busiest season for bathroom creation, and the most competitive for a bathroom supplier. Each year, Trout is tasked with developing a spring campaign that delivers the latest trends, inspiration and tools to ignite the renovation process. The goal? To capture Reece customers early in their bathroom creation journey and equip them with everything they need to turn their bathroom project into a reality.

In 2017, we were fortunate to be empowered with extensive research into Reece’s customer behavior and journey, which gave us valuable insights that informed our approach and backed our decisions. Enter, The Happiness Project. A campaign filled with the ‘how to’, tools and inspiration to help customers create their dream bathroom.


Six bathrooms,
three looks

We enlisted ambassadors from The Block to provide the ultimate inspiration by each creating a bathroom look on two budgets. With Reece’s consumer tracking research revealing Nordic Minimal, Day Spa and Hotel Inspired as three of the most popular bathroom trends, Shaynna Blaze, Julia and Sasha, and Alisa and Lysandra created a suite of six bathrooms representing these three styles.

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An integrated approach

A host of practical and inspirational content seamlessly integrated across multiple touchpoints. From revamped online trends pages and distribution of 1.2 million catalogues, to engaging point of sale material and a competition giving consumers the chance to win $10,000 in product, we provided customers with practical and inspirational information, enlisting the help of Reece’s superpowers (their consultants) along the way. 

With many consumers turning to print and digital publications for inspiration and advice, we reshaped our content to speak to leading home and lifestyle media, delivering content around the five biggest bathroom challenges consumers face, as well as video brochures featuring footage from our ambassadors.  

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The ultimate personalised planner.

With customer research revealing four main types of bathroom creator, it was key to communicate customised content to each personality type, no matter where they were in their journey.

Guided by the research findings, we created four personas and targeted consumers with a quiz to help them find their creator type. The quiz then led them to My Project Planner –  a game-changing planning tool taking them on a personalised journey through exploring, planning and shopping.

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Bathroom Happiness delivered.

While the long-term impact of the campaign will not be known for some time, the immediate results have demonstrated high audience engagement and positive customer feedback, with the goal of leaving consumers with more answers than questions well and truly accomplished. Here are some of the results to date. 

The Happiness Project