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The complete package.

Proudly Australian, MiniJumbuk has been producing some of the world’s finest wool bedding products for more than 40 years. As Australia’s last remaining wool quilt manufacturer, facing stiff competition from cheaper, lower quality imports, MiniJumbuk needed a new approach that could elevate the brand and clearly convey the unique qualities of the company’s products.

Warming the hearts of Australians.

To create an authentic message that would resonate with the Australian public, the Trout team undertook a learning mission, immersing ourselves in every aspect of the MiniJumbuk business. We visited local sheep farms, interviewed staff and studied the many different wool processing techniques the company applies when creating their unique quilts.

One of the most important insights we came away with related to a new processing technology perfected by MiniJumbuk. This manufacturing process allows MiniJumbuk to create very thin, yet very strong layers of wool that trap more air, giving them amazing thermal properties.

We recognised this new processing technology as a key differentiator for the MiniJumbuk quilt range. But we felt it needed a simple, compelling name that really brought it to life. We called it Airlight Technology™.


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The complete package.

Through Airlight Technology™, MiniJumbuk has been able to develop a range of five new quilts, each suited to a different type of sleeper or season. In order to help consumers understand this concept, Trout redesigned MiniJumbuk’s quilt packaging from scratch.

To reflect the wide thermal spectrum of the new MiniJumbuk quilt range, Trout created a colour palette, with each quilt represented by a progressively warmer colour. The lightest and coolest Summer quilt is represented by light blue while the warmest Winter quilt is represented by a burnt orange. A simple naming structure and icon system were also crafted to clearly communicate the warmth rating of each quilt - Light, Cool, Everyday, Warm and Thermal.

Another key aspect of the packaging brief was to work solely with 100% recyclable and reusable materials. To achieve this, Trout arrived at a design that combines a linen look bag with a recycled cardboard outer sleeve. The bag design serves a dual purpose - functioning as part of the packaging while providing the customer with a durable storage bag to protect the quilt when not in use.

The new signature styling gave the quilt range a high-end luxury appeal that reflected the craftsmanship and quality present within every MiniJumbuk product.

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40% increase in national sales.

Just over 12 months since the launch with the new packaging, MiniJumbuk’s quilt sales have seen a 40% increase nationally. What’s more, the company’s online export sales have enjoyed increases in excess of 60%, affirming that the new premium packaging strategy is achieving the desired result.

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Setting things in motion.

To clearly communicate the Airlight Technology™ story, Trout produced a short movie to visually explain MiniJumbuk’s innovative manufacturing process along with the natural advantages of wool bedding. The movie reinforces all the positive values associated with the MiniJumbuk brand. And all this is achieved against a backdrop of rural South Australia, capturing the beauty of the local Naracoorte landscape, where MiniJumbuk is based.

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