Junior Designer

Sophie is one of Trout’s junior designers and resident art history expert. She’s started out in the industry working on a range of creative projects, teaming up with a variety of clients to create concepts for visual brand IDs as well as large-scale digital collages for high-end jewellery brand, Charles Rose. Her past work includes website design, artwork, digital design for social campaigns and everything in between ­– she’s a design all-rounder, but print is her specialty.

When working on an existing brand, or helping bring a new one to life, Sophie digs deep to produce authentic, unique designs that cut through specifically to the right audience. Breaking boundaries with purpose, one of Sophie’s greatest skills is in discovering the heart of the brand and executing unique concepts to shape an identity. As a natural extension of her design skills, she has a real knack for photography and infuses her shots purposefully into an entire brand experience.

Always ready, always imaginative, Sophie is a hard worker who is always up for a challenge. When she’s offline, you’ll often find her getting her dose of nature in the ocean or on a popular walking trail.