Account Manager

Ella left the UK in October 2017 and travelled through Asia (ask about the fractured cheekbone in Halong Bay) to Melbourne, where she landed a role in the tank at Trout.

She applies her passion for the creative sphere to her role as Project Manager, and feels the key to her job is asking the right questions at the right time. She prides herself on ensuring clients receive the best experience possible. She's a voracious learner too, and thrives on working with talented creatives. Her sparkly, caring demeanour is quite infectious.

Ella lives the good life - food, wine, live music, friends. And she's the girl most likely to put everyone to shame on the dance floor at the office Christmas party (with or without tequila - she spent her youth Latin and ballroom dancing).

She also considers her claim to fame to be 'meeting Sporty Spice'. But we won't hold that against her, she's just British.