Senior Developer

All the way from Northern Colombia in South America, Diego has travelled a really long way to be part of the Trout team. And we’re glad he did.

A computer science engineer by trade, Diego is a rare breed – equally impressive whether he’s doing front-end or back-end dev. 

Diego has a strong background in developing websites and applications with an ecommerce focus. He is an expert in Shopify integrations and has even created several highly successful Shopify apps.

Since landing at Trout, Diego has also quickly built a solid reputation as talented web animator. This kid can do it all.

Diego’s philosophy is simple. ‘Love your work. Leave your mark on it. And always try to surprise people.’ Wise beyond his years he is.

A self-confessed YouTube junkie, Diego spends way too much of his time watching Jimmy Fallon clips. Outside the studio, Diego enjoys swimming, Crossfit, ice cream and travel.