Senior Account Manager

All the way from Munich in Germany, Carolin brings a BMW type quality to her account management role here at Trout.

Carolin has worked with global agencies in Europe and Australia, on brands across the FMCG, media & entertainment, telecommunication, retail, tourism, and non-for-profit sectors. Previous client experience includes the likes of Siemens, Warner Music Europe and Coles.

In another life, Carolin was a professional stage performer who played Nala in the Lion King.

A surf fanatic who grew up 800km from the nearest beach, Carolin learned the art of wave riding on the famous ‘Eisbachwelle’ river wave in Germany. Given this level of commitment, it’s not surprising that Carolin spends her weekends up and down the Victorian coast in search of our best breaks. Carolin also loves camping, snowboarding, mountain biking, pretzels and beer.